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How an Oxygen Bottle Can Improve Your Workout

Your workout can always be better, and you can always push yourself that much harder. While guts and a good plan are vital, an oxygen bottle may be just the extra kick you need to take where you are closer to where you want to be. With an oxygen bottle full of 95 percent O2, your muscles can start out saturated with energy and recover that much more quickly.

Day to Day

Using an oxygen bottle on a regular basis can help you work out better even when you aren't actively working out. Naturally, you can only exercise so much during your day, and your blood oxygenation levels can help you with your recovery times as well as with how you feel. When you use 95 percent pure oxygen in between workouts, such as for a certain amount of time each day, you liven up your cells and give yourself more energy. This lets you get in more workouts even when you wouldn't normally be in the mood by keeping up your energy and letting you go further on a regular basis.

Even better, using an oxygen bottle when you aren't working out can help you to sleep better. Since getting plenty of restful sleep is one of the biggest contributors to an effective workout, when you use your oxygen to make your sleep better you're also using it to make your workouts better. Even if you put down the oxygen bottle while you work out, using it on a regular basis is a great way to help you stay energized and always be ready to do your best on the track, on the trail or in the gym.

Before You Work Out

Have you ever had a moment before your workout where you just weren't feeling it? If so, you know how it is -- maybe something aches from a day or so ago, maybe your energy level just isn't there, or maybe you've got something psychologically holding you back because you just don't think you can handle it. If this has ever happened to you, the real problem just be that you could use some 95 percent pure oxygen. There is simply no better way to get your energy going and be ready for the best workout you've had in awhile in a hurry with no side effects or crazy chemicals than nearly pure oxygen.

During Your Exercises

You might feel a little strange using an oxygen bottle while you work out, but that's okay. Just like serious athletes will often don spandex and use equipment that other folks would consider strange, using a bottle of 95 percent pure oxygen can take your performance to the next level. Just because something feels different at first doesn't say anything bad about it -- it just says you're willing to go the extra mile to take your workouts to where they should be. When you want to do your best, using the best equipment is a natural extension of that.


A lot of people say that your recovery period is the most important part of your workout. While this may or may not be true, at the end of the day you want to make sure you're recovered so you can get back out there tomorrow and tackle the next great workout. Using an oxygen bottle full of 95 percent O2 is a great way to take your workout to the next level by recovering as much as possible.

Make your workouts better every day, before you start and all the way to your recovery. Shop Naked Air oxygen bottles today.

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