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How to Exercise with Sports Oxygen (5 Steps)

Using sports oxygen is a concept that many athletes have never given due credit even though it's a great idea. When your muscles need to recover faster and you want to push your workouts to next level, sports oxygen may be just the boost you need to get you into a stage of performance you never thought possible. You can get stronger and faster, faster!

Pick Up Plenty of 95 Percent O2

Having a solid supply of high percentage oxygen is a great first step toward getting your workouts going at their highest levels possible. After all, you can't use what you don't have in the first place. Picking up a large supply also lets you take advantage of preferential pricing, which saves you money and lets you stock up on other essentials that you can use for reaching your highest athletic potential. Once you have your sports oxygen, you can start using it when you need to as well as when it's just a good idea -- which is most of the time.

Take Sports Oxygen Regularly

Some athletes go by a "live high, train high" philosophy that trains their bodies to expect low amounts of oxygen. This does well because when they have more regular amounts of oxygen, they can perform even better -- a lot like how lifting heavy weights makes you bigger and stronger than you have to be in your regular daily life. But what a lot of athletes don't realize is that when they saturate their muscles with sports oxygen on a regular basis, they're building their "reserves" in the same way you carb load before a major race. By having plenty of oxygen in your system, you sleep better, your stress level -- and stress hormone levels -- reduce, and you can perform better in your daily life.

Use Oxygen Before Your Workout

Using sports oxygen right before you work out is a great way to get energized right beforehand. When you charge up your body with 95 percent pure oxygen, you can go longer and you're more alert. When you do road work, you want to be jazzed up and ready. You can do this by using your oxygen right before you start, which will clear your mind and wake up your muscles that much more.

During Your Workout

Workout out with sports oxygen is the best way to give yourself the boost you need to perform at your very best. When your blood is chock full of oxygen, your red blood cells get a boost and you can go that much further and faster. By definition, aerobic activities drain you of oxygen, and this needs to be replaced. With a strong supply of 95 percent pure oxygen running through your veins, your cardio can reach a height you might not be able to imagine right now. Miles will go by easier than ever before, and you might even notice a little extra speed than you normally would. With more oxygen, your muscles can do more with what you already have.

After Your Workout

You need several things to recover properly, and everybody knows that plenty of water and good food are essential. What most people take for granted is the air they breathe. The better your air quality, the more lactic acid will oxidize in your system and the less damage it will do. Granted, you'll still need to rest and recover, but with less lactate burning your muscles after your workout you should recover that much faster.

The best air leads to the best workouts. Shop Naked Air today for 95 percent pure O2!

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