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Hangover Relief: Canned Oxygen to the Rescue!

What do the Weekend Warrior and the Weekday Spartan have in common? Other from the fact that both of them need to recuperate from warfare? They look like they could do with a big helping of... Oxygen. That's right. Oxygen is your answer to a healthy burst of energy just when you need it. Move over, energy drinks, caffeine and sugar. Make way for good ol' oxygen. Pure and healthy is the new way to go if you are looking for hangover relief.

Why Oxygen You May Ask

The bare fact is oxygen delivers pure, unadulterated energy - pure energy that nothing else can rival, recreate or bottle up.

What about energy drinks? We'll tell you all about them energy drinks. The extensive and eye-catching range of colorful energy drinks out there have been known to cause several health risks and complications. Something energy drink companies do their best to cover up and have mostly succeeded.

Popularly marketed together with alcohol, energy drink ingestion led to 20,000 visits to the emergency room in the U.S. in one year alone. Reports of nausea, abnormal heart rhythms, sleeplessness, irritability and nervous breakdowns are a common after-effect. If you've fallen victim to energy drinks before then you know only too well the 'crash-and-burn' effects of it.

Oxygen Rocks!

Oxygen for starters is just as its name suggests. It is nothing but pure, untainted energy minus the synthetic stimulants and harmful additives. As we all know, oxygen is the most important nutrient to the cells in our body. Oxygen produces 90% of our body's energy and contributes about 96% of the body's nutritional needs. While we can live without food for weeks and water for days, we can barely go a few minutes without the very element that gives us life.

Oxygen and So Much More

Why oxygen gives the body unparalleled fuel and function:

  • It builds the immune system.
  • Oxygen heightens energy in the body
  • It breaks down waste and toxins
  • Oxygen enables the body to go faster and for longer
  • It encourages healing and recovery
  • Oxygen sharpens mental awareness and reaction time
  • It also metabolizes alcohol in the body

Is Oxygen Really Meant for Everyone?


Yes, everyone can find a use for oxygen because it is completely safe. While not commonly known, oxygen deficiencies have been known to cause stress, fatigue, energy loss, lack of focus and even jet lag. These symptoms can arise from excessive physical activity, exposure to toxins, pollution, or in areas situated at a high altitude.

Oxygen can be taken by the young and old without any reservation regarding its efficacy. High altitude vacationing or high altitude sporting feats can greatly benefit from the use of oxygen. When travelling or ridden with jet-lag, oxygen is your best bet. It helps you relax instead of leaving you reeling from that dreaded hangover. For the professional athlete pushing themselves to the limit or the student trying to give their best before an examination, we have one word for you - Oxygen.

No worries and no side-effects. Oxygen is essential to our survival and in this world, we need all we can get of it. Oxygen is the best and freshest thing in a package that you can give yourself. Discover the wonders of oxygen today and say goodbye to hangovers forever!

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