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Benefits of Oxygen Therapy

Whether you do your surfing on the waves or on the couch, a hit of high purity oxygen may have benefits that you can’t afford to miss out on. Oxygen therapy in all its forms has been investigated with increasing attention in recent years, from simply breathing in high-purity oxygen to naps in hyperbaric chambers, and there’s a lot of potential to delve into. Here are just five of the most promising benefits of oxygen therapy for you to consider.

Boost Energy and Promote Mental Acuity. You think energy drinks give a nice high—that spike of taurine, caffeine, and other –ines? Consider this: nothing is more important to your bodies natural energy production and use than oxygen. Look at how fast your brain stops working when it loses it’s source of oxygen—cut off the flow of blood and you’re out in 10 seconds. With your brain so hungry for oxygen, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that alertness, focus, and general energy levels can all receive a spike courtesy of oxygen therapy.

Speed healing and recovery. Oxygen has a noted place in our recovery from injury and exertion—in fact, some studies have indicated promising effects of oxygen therapy on any number of diseases, ailments, and illnesses. In the mean time, you can be certain that pushing a bit more oxygen through your veins will give your muscles, bones, and blood vessels the relief they need from whatever stresses you but them through.

Enhance Stamina. When you ‘improve your stamina’, you do it by improving your cardiopulmonary system and your lungs—by making your body deliver oxygen more and more efficiently to the rest of your body. Is it any wonder that giving your system a kick in the pants with 95% oxygen would have a notable effect on stamina? That a course of high quality fuel would help your engine run at peak efficiency?

Relieve Stress. Ever walk outside of a damp, dusty building and get a nice lungful of clean air? Maybe the pollen and smog took the edge off, but it was still better than another lungful of sick building syndrome, right? Now imagine going a step beyond. Nothing can compare to the sheer relief your body and mind gets when you’re breathing in a high concentration of oxygen. And that’s before you consider the knock-on effects of improving your energy levels, speeding recovery, enhancing stamina. Your mood is going to be great.

Ease Headaches and Hangovers. Most headaches arise due to problems of blood flow and dehydration—and while oxygen therapy can’t help with the latter directly, it can directly oppose a leading cause of severe dehydration by metabolizing alcohol faster. You may not be able to avoid all of your headaches and hangovers, but you can lessen their effects—and that’s something any sufferer of chronic headaches can appreciate.

It’s simple. Our bodies, our minds, our everything runs on oxygen. We can go a week or more without food. Days without water. But only minutes without oxygen. We all know how to eat well without taking in excessive fat and sugar, drink well by sticking with water—why not breathe well, free of pollutants and unnecessary additions? Oxygen therapy’s benefits are obvious, so don’t miss out.

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