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Does Canned Oxygen Work?

You probably watched the Spaceballs. Or, even if you didn’t, you must have heard about “supplemental” oxygen.  In Spaceballs, several villains deplete their world’s breathable oxygen reserves and embark on a journey to steal it from another planet. In the meantime, they have to use oxygen compressed in aluminum cans. Supplemental oxygen, on the other hand, has always been administered to elderly patients with breathing difficulties.

Well, supplemental oxygen or canned oxygen, as it is popularly known, is no longer just a sci-fi story nor is it only a supplement for the elderly – it has become the athlete’s best friend! The question everyone is asking is; “Does canned oxygen work?”

The Body Needs Oxygen, In Plenty!

Oxygen is to the body what electricity is to your television. Take out the electricity supply and the TV becomes nothing but a useless box. Similarly, if you deprive the body of oxygen, it will become a useless piece of meat.

Oxygen travels to the lungs where it’s purified before being released to the rest of the body. In athletic performance, oxygen controls a number of things including the muscles. This means that you need enough oxygen to sustain your muscles. The body gets about 90% of its energy from oxygen. Sadly, the air we breathe comprises approximately 20% oxygen. Insufficient oxygen may cause poor stamina, loss of muscle control, and inability to concentrate. At worst, one may even collapse. This is why many athletes are using oxygen supplements to boost stamina and performance.

The idea of supplemental oxygen first gained momentum in marathons. This is where athletes first learned that oxygen is the key to success. Athletes from other parts of the world would always wonder why Kenyan and Ethiopian athletes had to win every long distance race.  Kenyan nationals, in particular, have become next to unbeatable in marathons. It is now clear that such dominance results from the fact that Kenyan athletes are born and train in an atmosphere with lower oxygen. When these athletes participate in competitions held in low-altitude climates with rich oxygen, they experience a natural oxygen surplus. This allows them to have more stamina, leading to stronger performances compared to athletes who train in low-altitude, oxygen-rich atmospheres. This only reinforces the belief that surplus oxygen can boost performance.

Canned Oxygen Does Work!

So, surplus oxygen works. In fact, canned oxygen has been used for a long time in hospitals. Maybe the question we all should be asking is; “Is canned oxygen good? Is it better than the oxygen we breathe naturally?” Again, surprisingly, the answers to both of those questions are – YES.

Canned oxygen is good because;

  • It is just oxygen, like the oxygen you breathe daily
  • It helps the body relax
  • It has a strange way of uplifting an individual’s spirit
  • It boosts performance
  • It aids in metabolism and eventual expulsion of a wide range of impurities from the body

While canned oxygen cannot completely replace natural air (at least for athletes), it has several advantages over the latter;

Higher oxygen concentration – O2 Naked Air contains 95% pure oxygen. This definitely promises better oxygen supply to the athlete.

  • Relieves stress – research shows that canned oxygen can relieve stress.
  • Health benefits – research also shows that canned oxygen promises several health benefits. For instance, it boosts the immune system, increases alertness, and improves mental clarity.
  • Everyone, not just athletes, can find use for canned air. From travelers and campers to party goers, you now know you why you always need a few cans of O2 Naked Air.

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